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The PSEi - PSE Composite Index & The Economy
The PSE Composite Index, commonly known previously as the PHISIX and presently as the PSEi, is the main stock market index of the Philippine Stock Exchange.

The PSEi is the most watched index on the PSE and is also home to most major Philippine companies listed on the PSE. The PSEi is also the PSE's only broad-base index. It is also one of the indicators on the general state of the Philippine economy.

The PSEi was one of the indices kept intact during the reclassification of the PSE's indices on January 2, 2006. Other similarly-kept indices included the PSE All Shares Index and the PSE Property Index.

source: Wikipedia
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share ko lang, xncya newbie me [Image: m048.gif]

[Image: 2011junphisix800x600.png]
(06-07-2011, 09:34 PM)neshem Wrote: share ko lang, xncya newbie me
so triangle ngayon pse ready for breakout na sana tama ka

kaya ayaw ko elliot magulo
triangle sya nakaka 2nd segment pa lang , ewan ko lang kung pwede mag triangle sa 3rd wave three segment to go after the 2nd segment comes your chart triangle with in a triangle
[Image: psee.png]
oo nga boss hirap din ako magbasa wave..basic lang alam ko. malapit na ata technical bounce P6.
Europe green and Dow green na rin atm.
eto pa isa para lalung gumulo elliot pa rin
[Image: psee.png]
though i am not sure of this wave 2 of wave 5 yung triangle mo either way di pa titikada pse tom tatapusin dapat yung segment e wc is down so we are looking at 4193.5 tom
pwede pong d na tapusin ang wave e. wave e can undershoot or overshoot the a-c line (throw-over ata tawag). nakakatakot lang sa triangle it can go either way.
(06-07-2011, 11:34 PM)neshem Wrote: pwede pong d na tapusin ang wave e. wave e can undershoot or overshoot the a-c line (throw-over ata tawag). nakakatakot lang sa triangle it can go either way.
i am not sure about throw over , pero segment e sya ready for breakout or breakdown,yari tayo pag breakdown magiging wave 5 failure so we are looking at 3900 for the p6, pero alam ko me isang tao dyan masaya kada humuhulas ang p6 kasi tumitikada ang mga bazooras nya di ba master B?
[Image: PSE6-8-11copy.jpg]
[Image: 2011junphisix800x600.png]

truncated 5th then flat..ganito na kaya P6

so july might be wave 1 then by august corrective wave 2. hulanalysis lang. :lol:
(inedit ng mod) Big GrinBig Grin
i nedit pa oh sus, anyway safe pa yung triangle natin neshem kasi last segment pwedeng longer yan imo

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