SMP CHRISTMAS EB at QC Sports on Dec 1, 2012 Official Roll Call
^^ hi f6oekqu, register na kita ha? as long as you pay the entrance fee before the deadline.
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#22 and where to register for this event?

pa-list din po ako, magpay ako try ko today Smile piameg po ako Smile
(10-11-2012, 09:25 PM)glenchuy Wrote: It's the time of the year again when we celebrate the many blessings we have received during the year and share them with our less fortunate brethren. SMP is celebrating it's year end party/charity event and you are most welcome to attend.

This year's event will be held on 01 December 2012, Saturday, at the QC Sports Club. The event will run from 6:30pm to 9:30pm and will feature prominent speakers from the industry talking about the 2013 Philippine market outlook. Everybody is invited as long as you register before the deadline.

Our event will be hosted by than model/DJ Ms. Jinri Park and will be assisted by lovely ladies Ms. Cyen Lazam and Ms. Auralou Centeno.

The php880 fee will cover the buffet dinner and a part of it shall be used to buy school supplies for the donations. Additional contribution in kind (school supplies, old children's clothes) are most welcome. These items will be shipped to Iloilo, and we will personally hand them over to the public school children of Iloilo City.

Don't miss this chance to attend this fun filled event. We promise a night full of entertainment, the chance to bond with our fellow traders, and of course to the opportunity to help our less fortunate brethren.

See you all there!

*for registration, please visit our website

**if you're interested to sponsor/to put an advertisement on our event, please send me an email.

[Image: SMPonlinead2-1.jpg]

[Image: SMPAD-CYEN.jpg]

[Image: SMPonlinead3aura.jpg]

[Image: jinrismpadbig2.jpg]

December EB event: SMP Year-End EB/Charity Event - A Different Kind of Experience! Smile


What: SMP December Christmas Party/Get Together
When: December 01, 2012 Saturday
Where: Quezon City Sports Club along E. Rodriguez St. Quezon City (beside KFC)
What Time: 6:00pm to 9:30mn
Attire: Casual
Registration Fee: P880.00, full dinner
Venue Map:
[Image: VenueMap.jpg]


5:30pm - 6:00pm Set Up Venue
6:01pm - 6:45pm Registration starts (special guests, Ms. Cyen Lazam, Ms. Aura Lou Centeno)
6:46pm to 7:00pm Opening Remarks
*******speaker slots still subject for shuffling**
7:01pm to 7:15pm speaker (PSE - Mr. Sikrit)
7:16pm to 7:30pm speaker (PNB Securities - Mr. Manny Lisbona)
*******7:31pm start of dinner **************
7:31pm to 7:45pm speaker (Ms. Nikki Yu)
7:46pm to 8:00pm speaker (Unicapital Securities - Mr. Mike Tan)
8:01pm to 8:15pm speaker (Nieves Sanchez - Mr. Miko Sayo)
8:16pm to 8:30pm speaker (myserviceavenue - Mr. Sikrit)
8:31pm to 8:45pm speaker (Absolute Traders - Mr. Danny Go)
8:46pm to 9:00 SMP Admin Conveyance of Appreciation, Awarding of sorts to individual SMP members
9:01pm to 9:15pm SMP Highlights for the year 2012, SMP Charity Event
9:16pm to 9:30pm - Closing Remarks (by admin)
9:31pm to sawa - *** special thank you to Arthas.One, for without him, the venue would not have been secured - from all of SMP.



1. Ollie - paid Ollie
2. Mistah Lim - paid Ollie
3. Aiu1225 - paid Ollie
5. CHA CHA - paid Ollie
6. Lolo Patarthas - paid Ollie
7. Amateur Trader - paid Ollie
8. GinhawaIbibigay - paid Ollie
9. Staniel1211 - paid Ollie
12. Luc23 - paid Ollie
13. JAdriano - paid Ollie
17. ippfx - paid Ollie
20. elbimbo29 - paid Ollie
21. freelanxer - paid Ollie
22. webadik - paid Ollie
28. liyam - paid Ollie
30. yonx103 - paid Ollie
36. magicbullbar - paid Ollie
58. The Gambler (change in name from blair531) - paid ollie
67. urefowei - paid Ollie
70. project500k - paid Ollie
71. Spyfrat (mr 69) Smile - paid Ollie
74. harbingerdeath - paid Ollie
75. harbingerdeath guest01 - paid Ollie
76. harbingerdeath guest02 - paid Ollie
77. davidyu - paid Ollie
78. pivotdoji - paid Ollie
81. fco - paid ollie
91. sisid118 - paid ollie
92. sisid118 friend - paid Ollie
96. chanerm - paid Ollie
97. surfer - paid Ollie
102. blackspider - paid Ollie
103. bonner - paid Ollie
104. tipid101
105. van wilder - paid ollie
4. glenchuy - paid glen
23. glenchuy guest (erik) - paid glen
24. glenchuy guest (annie) - paid glen
49. korrection

PAID2 (inaayos ko lang - glen)
19. PSE Leo
26. glenchuy guest (host jinri) - paid glen
27. glenchuy guest (auralou) - paid glen
35. glenchuy guest (cyen) - paid glen
115. glenchuy guest (speaker manny lisbona)
116. glenchuy guest (speaker nikki yu)
117. glenchuy guest (speaker mike tan)
119. glenchuy guest (speaker danny go) 
64. glenchuy guest (pse jay penaflor)

10. lucky
11. glenchuy guest (uni francis)
14. glenchuy guest (atr kim)
15. dilis
16. edwilljoyce
18. parakitou
25. f6oekqu
29. basurero
31. gap
32. reiner_fortuna
33. sifu
34. merda de dragao
37. paco
38. girlwolf lins
39. docjoey
40. oakbender
41. oakbender friend01
42. oakbender friend02
43. merda de dragao friend
44. Neil
45. Emily
46. Glendy
47. almgaspar
48. gold digger
50. glenchuy guest (uni noli)
51. glenchuy guest (uni gian)
52. glenchuy guest (uni jhaye)
53. glenchuy guest (uni rinna)
54. glenchuy guest (atr ollie)
55. glenchuy guest (tpz caloy)
56. glenchuy guest (axa inv advi)
57. dextercarrasco
59. angelburn
60. chu
61. lala - chu's wifey
62. jhayechan
63. glenchuy guest (pse cristina alday)
65. glenchuy guest (pse mich pagaringan)
66. glenchuy guest (francis - linette chan)
68. fire dragon
69. fire dragon friend
72. rainbow
73. reiner_fortuna
79. jaydee
80. cs_onrubia
82. teters
83. voltz r (teter's hubby) Smile
84. glenchuy guest (atr kim 1)
85. glenchuy guest (atr kim 2)
86. glenchuy guest (atr kim 3)
87. glenchuy guest (atr kim 4)
88. glenchuy guest (atr kim 5)
89. Phoenix
90. Phoenix friend
93. luranski
94. davidh
95. noobypoh
98. markjosam
99. nosteng
100. nosteng's guest
101. stocktips
106. kiko
107. Sherwin21
108. stocktips
109. oakbender
110. oakbender friend 1
111. oakbender friend 2
112. james6262002
113. longspear
114. KennyV
118. glenchuy guest (myserviceavenue speaker)
120. glenchuy guest (nieves #1)
121. glenchuy guest (nieves #2)
122. glenchuy guest (nieves #3)
123. glenchuy guest (nieves #4)
124. glenchuy guest (nieves #5)
124. glenchuy guest (nieves #6)
125. thespeculator
126. Ginhawa friend 01
127. arthas special guest 01
128. arthas special guest 02
129. glenchuy guest (conrad)
131. danilo jugno (tipid101 friend)
132. chemist
133. chemist friend 01
134. chemist friend 02
135. piameg

*updated up to post #7 - glen*

charity project donors/pledgers

Ollie, mistah lim, glen, albert, chacha, JAdriano, docjoey, Spyfrat, BigMomma, BoyBawang Smile , paco, neil, emily, glendy, superkahlel, mgf-hope, engitien, ronnie (c/o chacha), journeyman2, savedbygrace, cleene, bos Miko Tsupitero, staniel1211, pivotdoji, Bonner Dytoc, chanerm, adolfjuver, thespeculator

for those who want to be sponsors for the event or those who want to advertise, please don't hesitate to send a private message to any of the admins or email or

hi senyor odhi, post here if you want to register, pay to either ollie's bank account or to my bank account. but pm us first before you deposit para ma check.

buy high, sell higher!

stock market abbreviations (for newbies)

"when it comes to trading, i'm just barely smart enough to realize that i'm a total idiot. i might be considered stupid, but on the intelligence scale, it puts me comfortably ahead of all the dumber people who thinks they're better than me."

Hello Sir Ollie,
I emailed you regarding the deposit I made today for the registration fee.
...pls pm me details of your payment so i can check floren@stock thanks

...ok na...nasa spam pala haha sorry po bos floren@stock..will label you as paid na po Smile

hello Comm!

count me in the EB Big Grin

il pay within the week dancing man
Bible Verse: I Timothy 9
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Business tycoons: (edited by comm ollie)
18days to go.
if good things happen be thankful.
if bad things happen be thankful.

sapagkat di man ako gwapo. pero still in demand s mga chicks. Big Grin

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