*on buyback* Semirara Mining Corp.

Semirara Mining Corporation (SCC) was incorporated on February 26, 1980 to explore, develop, and mine the coal resources in Semirara Island located in Caluya, Antique. The Company executed a coal operating contract with the Department of Energy in 1977 (amended 1981) for the exploration, development, mining and utilization of coal in Semirara Island, which has an estimated coal reserve of 150 million metric tons.

SCC generates majority of its revenues through the production of sub-bituminous coal, with additional revenues coming from coal handling services at the Calaca Power Plants of the National Power Corporation.

SCC is a majority-owned subsidiary of DMCI Holdings, Inc.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2009)

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Semirara sets plans to double power-generation capacity

SEMIRARA Mining Corp., the listed mining and power subsidiary of Consunji-led DMCI Holdings Inc., is moving forward with a plan to double its existing power-generation capacity to be handled by a new subsidiary.

Semirara told the Philippine Stock Exchange on Tuesday that its board has approved additional investments for a 600-megawatt (MW) power plant adjacent to its existing 600-MW coal-fired power plant in Calaca, Batangas. Semirara plans to build the facility in stages and will comprise four units of 150 MW circulating fluidized bed power plants.

The said project will be carried out through a wholly owned subsidiary to be incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Semirara said.

Earlier this month, Semirara vice chairman Isidro Consunji said the company will likely pursue the initial stages of expansion by itself, as opposed to earlier plans that involved tapping a strategic partner.

Consunji had said talks with partners that involved Manila Electric Co. and Japanese trading powerhouse Marubeni Corp. have progressed slower than expected. He said the company may tap BDO Capital Investment Corp. to help with the financing requirement for the project, given that early estimates pegged the development cost of the entire project at $900 million.

Semirara expects profits to rise to 40 percent this year to P5.6 billion due to higher coal prices and improved power output from the ongoing rehabilitation of its existing power plant, the company said last month. Revenues are forecast to increase by a third to P30 billion, with the coal business expected to contribute close to 70 percent and the remainder from power. Semirara shares slid 3.88 percent to P208.20 each on Tuesday’s close.

- Philippine coal producer Semirara Mining Corp
said its first half net income grew 79.6 percent from a year
earlier to 4.58 billion pesos ($108 million) on higher sales.


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pwede pa ba buy dito or wait na bumaba sa support level?
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SEC approves incorporation of P10-B Semirara mining subsidiary
By Zinnia B. Dela Peña (The Philippine Star) Updated September 08, 2011 12:00 AM

the key to trading success is to focus on how much money is at risk, not how much money you can make.

trading is simple, but it's not easy. if you want to stay in the business, leave hope at the door, focus on specific setups, and stick to your stops.
October 10, 2011 | Manila, Philippines
Stock Pick

Semirara Mining Corp. (SCC)

Recommendation: Start positioning

BROKERAGE firm Regina Capital Development Corp. has advised investors to start positioning in Semirara Mining Corp., saying its price will have a strong potential to increase further once it breaks the first resistance level.

“In the short term or next week, Semirara has an upside potential at P195 per piece. It has to break that resistance level first [to warrant a buy signal]. Then it can probably revisit its next resistance at P210,” said analyst Claire S. Quiray.

Shares in Semirara closed at P185 apiece last week, 4.23% or P7.50 higher than Thursday’s closing price of P177.50 per share. Ms. Quiray placed the stock’s support at P170 and price-to-earnings ratio at 11 times.

The mining company recently announced plans to harness methane emissions from the coal bed of its Antique mine to fuel a seven-megawatt power plant. The project, which will be developed with Spanish company Endesa Carbono S.L., is estimated to cost $14 million. — C. A. C. Valeroso

the key to trading success is to focus on how much money is at risk, not how much money you can make.

trading is simple, but it's not easy. if you want to stay in the business, leave hope at the door, focus on specific setups, and stick to your stops.
Salamat SCC, I got in at 190 and sold it at 208
[Image: scc102411.png]

Hi! Share ko lang T.A. ko sa SCC since umaakyat din si Daddy DMC.

Recently, it made a potential pole & flag formation and a potential bullish morning doji star (which can signal a reversal from its correction). The bearishness in today's candlestick formation is that it made a hanging-man candlestick, which can signal a peak of a bullish rally. However, this can be negated if the stock's price goes up tomorrow. Looking at the bigger picture, the stock is forming a Right-Angled, Descending Broadening Formation. If it reaches P240.00 again and breaks-out from it then, expect a lot of $$$; a break-out from a large formation means a large upside.

Currently, the stock is not yet in overbought conditions, my stochastic is starting to turn once more, which can signal bullishness. May asim pa ata ang stock na ito.
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