Diversified Financial Network, Inc. (DFNN) was incorporated on June 14, 1999 and listed its shares at the Philippine Stock Exchange on October 30, 2000. DFNN is engaged in IT solutions and systems integration. An integral part of the Company's services is to help companies integrate technology, processes and people while they focus on their core business and their customers. The industry classification for this type of business is defined as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The Company's services are divided into systems integration, programming and customization, consultancy, and gaming development.

DFNN provides proprietary corporate solutions designed to maximize its client's existing computer infrastructure, which can be integrated with various front and back office systems that cater mainly to financial institutions, thus requiring high reliability and secure working environments. The Company also continues to develop various wireless solutions for business operations requiring effective and 24x7 reliable operations. DFNN also develops and enhances advances with technology to include other wireless technologies such as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), and 3rd Generation Wireless (3G).

With the advent of the opening of the regulated gaming industry, both land-based and electronic in Asia, DFNN has created a division to cater to the needs of the Emerging Asian Gaming Industry. The Company is currently delivering innovative new game content through a wide array of products, systems, and solutions.

DFNN's subsidiaries are Pacific Gaming Investments, Pty. Ltd., Hatchasia, Inc., and Intelligent Wave Philippines, Inc.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2009)

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Kung walang drama walang saya Tongue
In view of the Company’s compliance with the structured reportorial requirements of the Exchange, please be advised that the trading suspension on the Company’s shares will be lifted today, June 22, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.


Pwede na siguro bumawi the person I sms before to inform that person that this stock will be subject to trading suspension that is, kung buy siya ulit nito. Tongue

Na fill na ba gap nito or to be filled pa lang? Sorry, not monitoring this stock.
Opened at 6... filled the gap 5.95-5.81...hit low of 5.59 before it closed at 5.65...Heart
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(06-22-2011, 01:56 PM)BORDzTRADAMUS Wrote: Opened at 6... filled the gap 5.95-5.81...hit low of 5.59 before it closed at 5.65...Heart

Thank you. That was so sweet of you. Smile

mga boss share ko lang Smile

[Image: dfnn07112011.png]

Weekly chart
[Image: dfnn07112011w.png]
bigger bullish pattern Smile

[Image: dfnn07132011.png]
Big GrinBig Grin mistah lim..

late man ako kikita parin tau UndecidedBig GrinBig Grin
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langya, cutloss ako dito kanina.. di ako komportable... 7.02 -> 6.88
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got a load of this @ 6.90..
si boss roiking sa kabila, bumili rin..

May gambling lord na nabanggit.. Idea
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A break from 8.15 would bring this to 8.88/10/11.25/15
Holding @ 6

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