Ghost Month: August 11 - September 6

"Suspended" Philab Holdings Corp.
Still no takers? Here's another breadcrumb.

Taking over iRipple will be a breeze for the Tiengs as according to the latest ownership disclosures, they own roughly around 30% of RPL through the broker GD Tan.

And, guess who's been buying for the past couple of weeks? That's right, GD Tan.

Anyway, my source tells me that the other major stockholders Javier et al, have been enthusiastic about selling their shares to the Tiengs for a price not yet disclosed. It should have been obvious I guess, since Barter is Javier's brainchild and without Barter, or any new technologically related hot product that Javier's team can pull out of the bag, Javier's role is sidelined.

The only question right now is the value of the assets to be infused in RPL. This is going to be a yearlong play, if you don't have the stomach to wait this out then don't buy.

PD: I own shares in RPL, these are my thoughts/opinions only and should not be misconstrued as a recommendation to buy or sell.
Yes, it's a sleeping stock for now with respect to volume traded and price action, but big movements take time. The information is there. I have been watching this stock but hesitated to trade without at least some information. The information given to me, I then proceeded to confirm and the market confirmed it through RPL's dramatic rise.

As the market is forward looking, something in RPL's future must be worth looking at right? And yet, it still has a 1 bn market cap, considering the potential assets to be folded in the Tiengs holding company, I believe the risk/reward ration is looking good.

PD: I have shares in RPL this is just my opinion, and not a recommendation to buy or sell.
i have few share bought last december.waiting for price action
i love the sound of silence... that is where you hear the sounds of nature...

i love to hear the sound of water dropping.... plooop, plooop, ploooop, plooooooop....
i love to see how it creates the ripple effect... starting from the center and radiating outwards... and go as far as it can go....
(01-10-2015, 10:15 AM)hottips Wrote: i love the sound of silence... that is where you hear the sounds of nature...

i love to hear the sound of water dropping.... plooop, plooop, ploooop, plooooooop....
i love to see how it creates the ripple effect... starting from the center and radiating outwards... and go as far as it can go....

I know what you mean, silence is golden. But the ripples are slowly starting to gain strength, growing to a storm surge reducing the shorts who never left the comfort of the breakwater.

That said, let me just say it's getting really hard to accumulate serious volume in this stock, pullbacks beyond the 70 level are getting harder and harder to catch. If I get frustrated I'm going to back up the truck and go into a juramentado-like state and buy everything I see haha!
yup. the ripples will be amplified and will get stronger...
the retail investors might pick up the buying cue when the wave reaches several hundred meters to a thousand meters away from the center..

this is currently just P1B+ worth in terms of marketcap. IS reached P4B with only rumors of a P9M capitalized firm going into it and with it having a huge capital deficit which requires lots of cleaning up to do... while this stock is just currently capitalized at P1B, clean, paying liquidating dividends and with just 15.6 million shares outstanding.. you know what it means once a good company comes in.

right now, the risk lies on what company will go into this stock.
it can be that a lesser known company is the new entrant and thus, prices may hover near P2-5B marketcap valuation,
or you get something bigger like gaming plays which might command a higher pre-infusion valuation for this stock since the advantage of this is it has a very low share count ninja
Haha still no takers! I love silence!

Lawyers and bankers have been consulted as per the grape vine. The information is there and the only thing you need to do is to sit tight, eat ceviche while watching the sunset, wash it down with some super dray SMB. Only after decades of trading have I realized how right Jesse Livermore was, when he said being right and sitting tight are two different things, emotional detachment is very hard for most of the Kids in the market these days.

They see others making 50% in a year and they want to make 100%, those who see 100% want to make 200%! It's a crazy world, but I know what it's like being a Kid in a bull market, everything seemed possible, everything that a "guru" says seems possible, but at the end of the day information and emotional detachment are still the ultimate currencies, nothing comes close and those two will take years to learn.

Let the ripples turn into waves and waves into storm surges, then it will be too late and the tsunami will have broken past the break water, that everyone thought was unbreakable, there will be no shelter, and it all started because of one little ripple. Big Grin
good one mr. james.

now we just sit back and watch our small ripple spread across the calm waters...

Seems like it's just you and me in here man!

Anyway, a pilot friend of mine, who has not proven to be 100% reliable in the past has given me some juicy information regarding the Sangley airport deal. I'll just keep this to myself and let price action confirm it. I don't want to sound reckless here but all I can say is that it's positive. Take note that the said deal is $ 30 Bn, billion with a B. RPL is currently P 1.2 Bn, and for me that's a very low risk/reward.

As for the recent run up from P70 to P87 as of today, I believe that the people privy to this deal could not wait and beat the red light, so to speak. I will say more but for the meantime, that's all she wrote.

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