*on buyback* Global Ferronickel Holdings, Inc.
up ko lang si CMT... break mo na po 1.66
break na..
when GOD steps in, MIRACLE happens.....

It's more fun in FOREX!!!

CMT - Sotheast Asia Cement Holdings, Inc. (See full details here)

- Formed a Shooting Star Candlestick today. From S. Nison's book, it says that Shooting Star is a top reversal pattern and usually appears during a rally. Also, the Japanese say that the shooting star shows "trouble overhead."
- RSI (14) reading now at 85.71... The top RSI recorded was at 90.62 last 9/13/2010 with price at around 1.80.... Both my RSI and Stochastic indicators are saying that this is at the overbought level...
- Volume today was high... Let's see if may magandang price action pa ito bukas. But both the candlestick and indicator are signaling that price already reached the top and signals for a reversal.
Thanks cmt sa profit. Sa next ride ulit. Smile
ayaw bumaba ha. hehe...
islowly moving to my target price...
Break that 1.7 CMT para makalabas ka na sa channel..
Macquarie 5.6M cross?
grabe namang padding to sa bid side, mukhang mga bigatin nag-aaccumulate ah...
~In all your ways, acknowledge God.

Initializing Bazura Mode...
Bigla lang yan maglaho ang makapal na bid.. hehe
Ayun, Macquarie bought it up. Ang kapal ng harang sa 1.8..

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